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Raising money for research

London and Sophia joined with a couple of friends and set up a table at Millcreek Cafe (thanks Bill!).  They raised over $100 yesterday morning.  What a team.  With cute girls and boys like these we might be able to … Continue reading

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Looking like a million bucks!

This is the first day mom is looking and feeling great! We are off to the orthopedist to check her shoulder.

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Calling & Visiting Mom

Hi everyone, As mom heals, her sleep is very important. As many of you know, her sleeping isn’t quite long enough at night and so frequent napping in the day is helpful and necessary. If you would like to call … Continue reading

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Update on Mom

Hi all, It’s been awhile since our last post and so it’s time again to tell you all how mom is doing. This time – “no news, is good news.” Thankfully. Mom is recovering nicely from surgery and from the … Continue reading

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