Mom’s Adventures

Hi family & friends,

Since February, my Mom has been on several adventures. In February, after the news of her treatments not working, her chemo oncologist told her to go and do whatever she wants, for as long as she can. So….

At the end of February, she and London came to Healdsburg, California. She had such a nice time! It was a good break from the snow and cold in Utah. She was able to sit outside in the sun and just soak it up. We ate wonderful meals outside during the day, visited with friends, took walks and had a ton of laughs.

In March, my sister Angie and Mom went to Cartersville, Georgia where she stayed with Jeanie & Stan and was able to spend time with her sister Inge and her family. In addition, her sister, Elke and brother Henning drove up from Florida to see her, as well as my cousins Lisa & Gina and Barbara and her family. It was a fantastic reunion! They spent many hours talking and spending quality time with one another, laughing and reminiscing.

Shortly after she returned from Georgia, she drove with Angie and my Mom’s best friend Annette to St. George, Utah. There she found her “favorite place in the world” out on the back porch in the sun. Kim and I, and Ely & Everly were able to visit her while she was there.

Mom’s most recent trip, was back to St. George with Angie, Tante Elke & Sue. They went for a few days, watched movies every night, and Mom came home saying it was the best time she’d had in a long time! She is still hoping to go back.

I’ve included a few pics from her adventures. More on her current condition soon.



On the drive back to UT from CA, I found Mom getting a little exercise with London!

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6 Responses to Mom’s Adventures

  1. Paula Hawley says:

    Sounds like the best medicine ever!!! xoxo

  2. Howard and Collene Bartlett says:

    Please give Anna Mariea our love and that she is in our prayers and the many great times we have had with her, Parker and all your family. We have been busy with graduations, marriages (my sisters family) and baby blessings (not ours).

    I have been working on a field trip to Wyoming, Colorado, and here is Utah this summer for DuPont. Maybe this is my last year of working (Collene won’t believe it, however.
    We will try to schedule a visit and Parker and I have to have lunch one of these days.
    Take care and love from Howard and Collene to all

  3. Love,love,love the pic’s!!! Thank you so much for having this page just for your Mom’s updates. It’s just incredible how Tante Ann has been able to travel & be with loved ones. She has this special energy that I wished I could tap into. Bless you all!!!
    I Love & Miss Y’all terribly!
    Viv XOXO

  4. Sigrid says:

    Wonderful pictures!! What a beautiful family, friends are not to bad either. Thank you for sharing, my prayers are with you.

    Much love;

  5. Diane Brewer says:

    So happy to hear of AnnaMariea traveling and soaking up sun and family and friendships. How therapeutic. What a wonderful and beautiful family you all are.

    I have always wished I had some of AM energy as I watched her thru my backyard fence pulling hoses around her yard, walking fast from corner to corner of her yard to do gardening and this after doing her housework and a day at Parker’s office. I won’t even attempt to list all the amazing things she has done. She once told me her energy was truly a gift.

    My love to you all

  6. Viv Imotan says:

    My Dear Tante Ann,
    I am eternally grateful to you for the sacrifice you made when you took me in during my fifth grade year. You took care of me while strugglig to care for your own children.
    You’ve always shown me what a strong woman is. Because of your example I learned to become stronger throughout my own adversities.
    I will always love and honor you.
    Your niece,

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