My Mom’s Prognosis

Who wants to write about the prognosis of their hero? Of the most amazing person you have ever known? Not me.

I’m sure that is why I have avoided the blog for some time.

When I drove my Mom to surgery on July 23rd, 2012 – I never ever ever EVER imagined the journey she was about the embark upon. Neither did she. Nor did any of us realize what she would go through from that moment forward.

And none of us, including her, ever imagined the outcome. Ever imagined any of this. It’s so difficult to process what we fear most. It’s human nature to shut out what we fear.

Next to July 23rd… February 6th was the hardest day of our lives. The hardest day of my life without a doubt.

I was driving up the CA coastline celebrating my 38th birthday with Kim, when we came in to cell range. My phone lit up with messages and text messages when we hit a small patch of service. Feb. 6th was the day my Mom met with Dr. Beck to discuss the PT scans they took just days earlier to see how the chemotherapy had worked and what her prognosis was.

ALL of us were optimistic. NONE of us expected what we heard.

At this point, my Mom had gone through what I consider to be two stages of treatment for the cancer they discovered: the first being surgery. During surgery they removed cancer masses. Masses they could see with their eye. And they removed as much as they could see and get to.

The second stage was chemo: systemically attacking cancer cells that you can’t see. They put my Mom on what they consider to be the strongest treatment for her type of cancer. Although she was just one treatment shy, what Dr. Beck told us is that she is “Primary Refractory”. What does that mean? That means, she is treatment resistant. What does that mean? That means that the chemotherapy she received didn’t work.

Not only did it not work, but from the scans, it appears that the cancer has grown and spread since treatment began.

There are other chemo treatments still available, but they aren’t as effective. And above all, my Mom, even before the results, had made up her mind… she is not going to receive any more treatments or surgeries.

What is stage 3? Quality of life and doing what ever my Mom wants to do now… that is most important.

Remembering to love, to forgive, to forget, to play, to laugh, to dance, not to worry, not to sweat the small stuff… that is what is most important for all of us. Now and always.




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6 Responses to My Mom’s Prognosis

  1. Toni says:

    I love you all with all of my heart and am grateful for you, for all that you are and for the love that you share. ~Toni

  2. My prayers for peace & comfort for all our families & especially our brave Warrior, Tante Ann! Sending my Love – Vivian

  3. Anna Mariea's daughter, Susi says:

    Mom’s legacy will be the characteristics and qualities she exemplified to her posterity and those around her. The best tribute we can give her is to live happily and congruently – two of the many things she taught us. I am grateful for Anna M’s unfailing courage and devotion.
    I had the privilege of escorting her in the Lord’s Holy temple last month. Angels were there. And I believe many souls on the other side of the thin veil excitedly await a reunion with a beloved daughter, friend and associate. Her life speaks volumes, her transition will be peaceful and her departure will be “but an awakening.” With love, Susi

  4. Liz Tice says:

    Miracles do happen and we can’t give up. When you look at your “group” picture, you KNOW life has been great and none of us will live forever, but look at the Blessings she has brought forth in her life and instilled in all of her families and is loved by so many. I dare to say, God chose a very special person to love, teach & inspire and I know her love will continue through each of you. I hope she lives forever, but if she doesn’t, there are many of you to continue sharing it. My love to each of you. Liz

  5. Risa says:

    Josie and family, stay strong and soak up all the time you still have to make lasting memories together. You are so lucky to have each other. Hug and laugh together as much as you can!

  6. Diane Brewer says:

    You are all warriors and my dear friend Annamariea has taught you how to be warriors and many other precious gifts. I reiterate the beautiful messages from her friends above. She has given us all so much. She is an amazing person and I mean AMAZING.
    When she and I served in the R.S. together I would mention several times: Annamariea could run the whole Church – really. She has so many strengths and gifts. My love and prayers continue in all your lives. My love to you all. Diane

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