Night 9 of Recovery

Well, it was a rather challenging night for mom. At 4:30a she was experiencing nausea and coughing a bit from the thoracentesis yesterday, so mom spoke to the nurse and decided it would be a good idea to try a different nausea medication that not only treats nausea, but would help her to sleep because it causes drowsiness. And so mom sat up and took it orally. About 25 or so minutes late, mom started dry heaving. Then she started getting confused. I phoned my brother Jon and he asked Noami (his wife), who is a nurse, what might be causing this.

She asked what the drug was, I told her Phenergan. She said this drug is commonly used, but she could be having adverse effects. Indeed she was. Confusion, hallucinations, agitation, anxiety. It was a long night for mom.

By 10a, almost all of her doctors had visited and all of them encouraged mom to go home. They all agree that she’ll heal better there now that we are through the worst of recovery.

It is almost 4pm and she is finally starting to feel better. She had a successful thoracentesis on her left lung and a good physical therapy session.

She is going home soon and I am not going to miss this place. None of us will.


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  1. Keith Topham says:

    Sorry to hear that Tante Anne had a rough night, but so very thankful to hear she’s going home… that’s great medicine in itself! You all have been so very supportive and I know your Mom appreciates it immensely. Please tell her we love her and know that she’s well on her way to recovery.

    Love you all… Keith & Chris, and girls!

  2. Sigrid says:


  3. Heather says:

    So glad she’s going home! xoxo

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