Day 8 of Recovery

Overall, today was a good day. Mom woke up a little groggy, but she got a lot of sleep last night. The major activities today included physical therapy and what’s called a thoracentisis or draining of fluid off her right lung (tomorrow they will drain the other lung). They drained off almost 1 liter of fluid. She could instantly breathe easier.

We also received a visit from a medical oncologist who is putting together mom’s chemotherapy program. She discussed with mom what to expect during chemo. She is currently slated to go to chemo for 6, three week cycles. With no break in between. That means she’ll be in chemo for 18 consecutive weeks. They would like to start her as soon as she recovered enough from surgery that she is feeling healthy. We are guessing that will be approximately 3 weeks from now. We aren’t sure which of the common side effects she will experience yet.

Another big step today was going off the IV. She is now 100% on oral medications. She now has to hydrate and eat on her own. She hasn’t graduated to solid foods, but the clear and full liquids are going down easier.

Today at 5:30pm several of my sisters and nieces gathered at Angie’s for a toe nail painting party. We all painted our toes teal – mom’s new color – for ovarian cancer. We are all going to battle with her. Ladies – if you have teal toe nail polish, dust it off and paint your toes. 🙂 Please send pics of your toes to post. We have already received a great pic from sweet Heather in California (see below).

And Suz – thank you so much for your beautiful note on the blog tonight. I’d love to share it will friends and family: “Dear Family; Although I am not with you as much as my hearts desire, there is solace in your love and friendship. The golden threads that weave us together wrap me in comfort during this challenging time. The TEAL color of our oath of solidarity is the reminder that love does conquer all. As for the tips of my fingers and ends of my toes, they have been transformed into poetic symbols. A peaceful feeling has remained with me these days. Teal takes on a new meaning and GOLD is the color of our refinement. From teal to gold, we will emerge better for this. I love you all, Suz”

I love you all so much! We are hoping all goes well tonight! Crossing fingers and saying prayers for mom’s swift recovery!



Teal Toes – Toenail Painting Party

Teal Toes! Love you Mom! We are all here and we will overcome!

Heather’s Toes and a sweet note for Mom! Thanks Heather!!

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4 Responses to Day 8 of Recovery

  1. Jecca says:

    Heather, could you be any cuter?!! What color is that? It’s great! :o)

  2. Sigrid says:

    Teal??? Well if it lifts the spirit and makes all of you happy I am with you! Not my toes, to ugly!! Finger nails! I believe in affirmations for healing!

    Much love to all.

  3. Dearest Family, this will be my 5th. comment on this page. Have no idea if this will go through, as I believe the other four never arrived. I think that perhaps I am doing something wrong somewhere. Our love , support , fasting and prayers have been with my sister from the very beginning. Hope that our flowers got there also. We will continue to pray and fast. Love to my sister and all of you who take such good care of her. Uncle Henning and tante Eschy.

  4. Liz Tice says:

    Love to each of you and tell Parker I know the feeling he has even tho there are a dozen children and many other “Off springs” to cheer him. Thankfully She will be home before too long and he will have her back. I still miss Norman and the nights are long!! Take care all of you . Liz

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