It’s a strange day when you are praying for Ovarian cancer. :)

It’s ovarian cancer. This is something that mom can fight through!!! Thank you everyone for your prayers. Next steps… healing and then chemotherapy (and then cured).

Love you Mom!!!


If you remember, we were expecting that the lesions on the liver were one of 3 things…

1) Benign lesions from some previous sickness (best case)

2) Ovarian cancer having spread to the liver (manageable with chemotherapy, and, according to Dr. Dodson, a 50-60% chance to fully cure her of cancer with chemo)

3) Some other form of liver cancer with maybe no effective treatment (worst case)


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2 Responses to It’s a strange day when you are praying for Ovarian cancer. :)

  1. steph bauer says:

    Hi Anna Mariea,
    I’m praying for you. Emily and Jamison send their love. Stay strong and positive.
    Lots of hugs,

  2. David & Beverly says:

    Beverly & David are in California (since Friday) and are paying very close attention. We will be back late on the 5th and check in more directly then. The news seems to be as good as anyone expected. We pray for quick recovery from the surgery and for a great success with chemo. She is tough and has great support!! Love, Beverly & David

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