Day 7 of Recovery

After an absolutely horrible night: no sleep, CT scan on lung and hearts, rough treatment by lab techs – we received AMAZING news today!!! Dr. Dodson came in to let us know he received a verbal report from the pathology department: mom has ovarian cancer, it has spread to her liver – and it’s treatable with chemo!!!

We are so incredibly grateful!!! We can fight this fight! My beautiful friend Adele wrote it perfectly in a text to me: “The battle ground has been defined and the war has begun! There is a big army on her side! Hallelujah!”

And my gorgeous niece Darian sent a text saying: “Time for humble prayers of faith and gratitude!” Indeed it is.

Both messages are SO true! Thank you for your prayers, love, for everything! We now know what we are fighting and we need to say thanks for the best case scenario! It is ours and we will overcome this together.

More news to follow. Mom will be in the hospital for at least one or two more days while they adjust her oral pain medication levels. She is also going to be put on a heart medication for a heart arrhythmia, which should be resolved in a few weeks.

Much love to all of you!!!

O – for Ovarian Cancer. Together we will overcome!

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4 Responses to Day 7 of Recovery

  1. Have been following your posts everyday. I love you all! xToni

  2. Rick Topham says:

    Thank Goodness for great news! Will be praying for speedy recovery thru the chemo!
    We love you all!

  3. Bob Holmes says:

    Praying for a pain free recovery! ♥

  4. Lisa Marsh says:

    Wonderful news! What a moving word…TREATABLE!! Many prayers were answered! We love you my dear Aunt!

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