Night 5 of Recovery Update

Mom had an okay night last night. It was a little restless for some reason. She didn’t sleep as well as the night before, but she was running a fever (101.9). They took vitals several times to make sure her temp was going down, which it did slowly throughout the night. And that her blood pressure was stable.

At 6am, they turned off her epidural and started her on percocet. This is the first step to taking out the epidural, which will lead to taking out her catheter, which will lead to taking her off of oxygen, and so forth – a domino effect in the right direction. They also told her she could take a shower later – something she is jumping out of her skin to do.

At 8:30am Dr. Dodson visited. I met him in the hall after he had a brief conversation with mom. He said the pathology report didn’t arrive, but should Monday or Tuesday. He said if all goes well today, mom will go home tomorrow. If she has any set backs today, they’ll keep her another day.

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  1. Liz Tice says:

    So glad to know she is home bound. Liz

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