Day 6 of Recovery

Well, mom has decided to stay in the hospital another day. And it’s probably best. She has experienced nausea today and we think it’s related to the pain medication they put on yesterday after the epidural was removed. It’s nothing serious, she just doesn’t feel strong enough to leave the hospital yet.

Her blood count was high this morning, which is great. Her vitals are strong. She is getting back to a few regular functions, so the healing is going well.

She is napping now and soon we hope to have an alternative to her current pain meds.

We’ll keep you posted.


Nice and clean after moms shower yesterday. She says hi to everyone and she loves you!

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2 Responses to Day 6 of Recovery

  1. The pain meds they gave her are what I had when my wisdom teeth were extracted—they made me nauseated, too! Whatever they gave me with my foot surgery was too good for words, which is probably the reason they only prescribed them for a very few days. ;o) Love you, Anna Mariea! xToni

  2. Howard (Howie) Bartlett says:

    Collene and I are happy that Anna Mariea is doing so good. What a wonderful family you all are to be her and Parkers’ support system. Our love and best to you all and we will see you when you get home Anna Mariea. The Good Lord has you all in His Hands!
    Howie and Collene

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