Night 4 of Recovery Update

Just getting caught up on today’s updates:

I sent this text out to family this morning at 8:25am:

Morning. Mom had another great night. No pain so the epidural is doing its job. Lots of gas passing. 🙂 She was interrupted all night by doctors, nurses, etc., but got back to sleep quickly. The swelling on her knee has gone down, but is still there. The resident said this is common and the more she moves around the better it will get. They will do another ultrasound today just to be sure nothing is clotting. She said she’ll eat solid food today by noon, so cross fingers. Her oxygen level is higher because she’s now exercising her lungs often. Dr. Dodson hasn’t come by yet and I’ve asked when we may expect him and no one knows. I’ll keep you all posted. Love you. xo

It looks and smells like a flower shop in here!

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