Morning 3. Doing good!!

Thank you Josie and Jecca for spending the night!! You’re the best! This is a text update Josie sent this morning:

“Mom had a good night. Jec and I were concerned about her heart rate going up and down and her breathing last night, but the resident this morning told us that is normal due to the increased epidural medicine. They would rather she just had the epidural for pain than two pain relievers. Combined, she slept several hours. Mom is going to receive two units of blood today, a total of 600 ml. Her blood count is a little low so they want to bring it up. This will give her more energy, more color. She ordered an apple juice this morning and thoroughly enjoyed sipping on it. She’ll have two physical therapy sessions and we will continue respiratory exercises. She is in good spirits, her throat isn’t hurting and she has her voice back. Love you all so much. I’ll keep you posted. Call anytime. Xoxo”

The blood transfusion has been started. Nurse Candyce is back with us today. She is awesome!


Thanks everyone for the flowers! It smells like a floral shop in here!!


Love you mom!!

– Jon

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  1. Sigrid Holland says:

    This all sounds so encouraging. The flowers are beautiful. I hope you do not minde but I will donate some money to cancer society in your Mom’s name. Our prayers are with you and Heidi is starting a prayer chain in her church. All the best with love.


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