Night 1 of Recovery from Surgery

Mom is asleep. It was a long surgery and she has several hard days of recovery from the operation ahead, but sleep has washed over her. She is taking long deep breathes right now. A good sign that pain isn’t burdening her and that her body has begun the healing process.

Her heart rate has dropped a bit and her blood pressure has also dropped to her usual low level. She is doing great considering the day. She is such a strong woman and such an example of courage to us all.

For the next few days we will need to minimize phone calls to mom as well as visits. Her doctor told us the worse thing we can do is inundate her. Her body will heal faster if we give her the time and space she needs to heal while the doctors, nurses and physical therapists do their job.

We will have news on Friday regarding the biopsy on the tissues that were removed from her liver.

What we can all do is stay strong in prayer this week. And keep our thoughts positive.

And something she loves to do is laugh – which will keep her positive and smiling through the tough moments. So if any of you have any great jokes or chain emails with humor, please forward them to me and in her downtime we will share them with her.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your outpouring of love and support.






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2 Responses to Night 1 of Recovery from Surgery

  1. Keith Topham says:

    Lots of love from ‘Down South’, and praying for your speedy recovery!

  2. Paula Hawley says:

    Wow – triplet power coming on strong there!!!
    Love, love, love all of you!
    Anna Mariea, you are one of the strongest, brightest lights I’ve ever met so I know you will kick some cancer butt! Much love to you, and holding the vision for a comfortable and timely recovery!
    So happy there is so much loving support there for you!

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